About Worked Here

WorkedHere is an Irish based company that was launched with the sole aim of helping SME's to manage their technology needs in a cost efficient and effective manner. Many SME's struggle to co-ordinate their online activities and have a complex mix of legacy services that do not meet the needs of a world that is increasingly online. Using proven industry leaders such as Wix.com, Shopify.com, Zoho.com, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, WorkedHere can help SME's to consolidate and integrate their online presence. 

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Our Process

WorkedHere will work with SME's to establish what their online needs are and then to determine what are the optimal solutions. Potential customers will be provided with an estimated budgets of likely costs which will be detailed by service type. Our goal is to make the process of establishing and maintaining an online presence as transparent and cost efficient as possible.

In a Meeting



WorkedHere undertake a needs assessment with SME customers to establish what their requirements are and if we can help.

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Design & Cost

WorkedHere will propose a suite of solutions with detailed proposed costings, timings and draft designs.


WorkedHere will implement a solution based on a customer's requirements and an agreed budget. SME customers will be provided with regular updates throughout the process.

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Upon completion of the implementation phase, WorkedHere will review the project with our customer to ensure that it meets the needs and requirements agreed at the outset of the project.

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